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Eliya King Coconut Water

Eliya King Coconut Water - born in Sri Lanka, raised in New York, and now in Europe! 

  • THE GOLDEN NUT OF LIFE - The king coconut is a special golden coconut that is indigenous to Sri Lanka
  • KING IS THE NEW GREEN - Naturally contains 2x the electrolytes with 35% less sugar when compared to the standard green coconut.
  • NATURAL HYDRATION - excellent source of natural hydration packed with five essential electrolytes.
  • PACKED WITH POWER - more potassium than a banana and two cups of raw spinach worth of magnesium.
  • BOTTLED WITH LOVE - 100% juice, never from concentrate, certified EU organic, Hand Harvested
  • PLASTIC FREE stylish recyclable glass bottle (can be reused for other purposes!)
  • FAT FREE, GLUTEN FREE, NON-GMO - Single country origin, bottled same day as harvested.